Outdoor Shared Experiences

Pedagogical Projects

An Individualized Experience

Do you want to move forward with curiosity and admiration on your way to interact with horses in a safe and protected way?

By listening and analyzing your needs, we will be able to develop objectives and provide you with a unique space where you can delve into equine culture, enjoy nature, learn and understand horses by sharing spaces with them.


It will be an opportunity to get to know yourself better and gain a better relationship with horses by building a common safe and protected space where horse and human take care of eachother.


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2 hour activities

2 days a month

(Price per person -

Taxes  Included)

Monthly Pack - 1 month

95 €

Quarterly Pack - 4 months


Special Offer - 5 months


Educational Leisure Workshops

Discover the world of horses and nature

Would you like to spend some time with the horses learning and discovering their nature?

Learn what a horse is

Have fun by their side

Discover at your own pace

Connect with nature.

(Covid-19 secure protocols)



2 hour activities

(Price per person -

Taxes Included)

Small groups: max. 5 people


The Mowglis

Respectful playgroup

(+3 years old)

"Free play, it is what you want to do as opposed to what you are forced to do" - Gray

We offer the opportunity to have regular and direct access to nature, taking advantage of the natural spaces and elements.


We favor free play processes, as an expression of freedom.


From Monday to Friday

2 hours daily

(Price per person -

Taxes  Included)


Small groups: max. 5 people

Net & Co-working

Professional accompaniment to similar projects

Are you a professional interested in facilitating professional development networks and building a common space?


We want to promote networking, the culture of sharing knowledge and advancing for the common good.

We accompany different colleagues who want to start similar projects with our ideas and knowledge of the sector.


Conditions and prices to consult


Colaboraciones Activas:

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Proyecto Caballo


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