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Equine Facilitated & Outdoor Learning programs
Discover the Magic of Kindness in Nature


Equine Assisted Services

Experience the extraordinary and transformative power of equine-assisted learning programs. Guided by skilled professionals and gentle equine partners, these sessions provide a safe space for self-discovery, self-awareness, and growing.

Would you like to spend some time with the horses learning and discovering their nature?

  • Learn what a horse is?

  • Positive association to horses

  • Have fun by their side

  • Discover at your own pace

  • Connect with nature.

(Covid-19 secure protocols)


Small groups: max. 5 people

Outdoor Learning Adventures:

Immerse yourself in nature's classroom!

(All ages included)

"Free play, it is what you want to do as opposed to what you are forced to do" - Gray

Our outdoor learning programs are designed to foster English skills, understanding of the environment and personal development through fun and adventurous activities in the wilderness.

Research & Collaboration

A new dimension to  

equitation science

Are you a professional interested in facilitating professional development networks and building a common space?


We want to promote networking, the culture of sharing knowledge and advancing for the common good.

We accompany different colleagues who want to start similar projects with our ideas and knowledge of the sector.


Think, Act & Develop

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