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Equine Assisted Services - November 2022

November. Welcome to the 11th month of the year, in the northern hemisphere (Our region Bilbao, Basque Country area) it is usually considered the last month of the autumn season.

We want to provide some of our Equine Assisted Services (EAS) to understand and learn from the nature of equines thought out a shared experience, you are very welcome to email us for further information.

1. Shared trekking with horses > A walking tour in nature sharing and learning from observation and presence with Minimus & Elvis (my 4 hoofed partners).

We will discover areas of Bizkaia in two location:

- Barrika and the Flysch

- Butron castle and river Butroi. A fairy-tale look about it inspired by Bavarian castles models, dated from the Middle Ages. And was rebuild by Francisco de Cubas in 1878.

We will propose a 2 hour (Aprox. 5km) low based activity hike with our horses discovering and understanding the horse as a herd mammal that get together, synchronise & don't collide.

2. The nature of equines workshop > A pedagogical workshop to introduce humans and incredible growing journey in the equine culture, based in respect and understanding individual needs.

If you need further information or assessment contact us via mail:

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