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Join us on this equine adventure! 🌟 SchoolSports2023

In the Basque Country, the Equestrian Federation of Bizkaa has led with passion and dedication in School Sports, a fundamental pillar that has enriched the lives of our students. This program has promoted physical activity, teamwork, and personal growth.

From iPoney Outdoors and the Equinesport Getxo Sports Club, drawing on our learnings from over 20 years in the field of equine-assisted services, we have joined forces to take this experience a step further by merging it with the exciting concept of EquiFun. 🐎

  • 🍃 EquiFun goes beyond reins and saddles. It's an alternative experience where special relationships are forged between students, horses, and nature. Here, coexistence and mutual respect become the foundation of a close-knit community.

  • 🌳 We don't just learn to ride horses; we also learn to live in harmony with them. Discovering the value of companionship, where horses teach us lessons in patience, trust, and empathy. As participants grow and evolve as individuals, so do their equestrian skills and their appreciation for the beauty of the equine world.

  • 🌞 EquiFun reminds us of the joy of being outdoors and in motion. The smiles while enjoying every small moment with them, whether they're grazing, scratching, or in the field, are irreplaceable. Here, fun is contagious, and every day is an adventure.

This program has a duration of 10 hours per group, and the schedule is agreed upon between the school and the entity responsible for conducting the course. Everyone is welcome to join this exciting adventure!

Who can participate? Registration is open to students born in the years 2006/07/08/09/10/11/12/13/14/15.

How can you register? Registration is simple and accessible, with a registration fee of €60 for level I. You can do it online through the official website:

  • Exploring the World of EquiFun The program is designed to offer a comprehensive and enriching experience. The contents to explore include:

  • Horse Ethology: Understanding and respecting the nature of horses.

  • Body Language: Observing to discover the language of horses through their body.

  • Conscious Leading: The art of guiding and being guided in a gentle and tension-free manner.

  • Forest Walk: Discovering the beauty of nature accompanied by Minimus and Elvis in natural settings.

  • Physical and Mental Training and Rehabilitation: Learning how to care for and train horses and how this influences your own growth.

  • Mutual Proprioception: Discovering awareness in micro-movements to optimize and improve the quality of life.

  • Riding with and without Saddle: Experiencing the excitement of horseback riding and the versatility of this activity. A Special and

Personalized Edition In this first edition, we want to provide a high-quality and personalized experience. That's why we have decided to accommodate no more than 15 children. To be present and support their growth with quality.

🤝 🏇 We invite you to join us on this exciting journey, where the community flourishes in harmony with horses. Are you ready to explore the world of EquiFun and school sports in Bizkaia? Join us on this thrilling adventure! 🚀"

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